Gluten Free baked goods made from scratch every day in our dedicated gluten free facility in columbus, ohio. Serving those with celiac disease, gluten intoler
Holiday Baking Company, LLC Gluten-free Columbus,ohio
Gluten-Free Bakery
A dedicated Gluten-Free facility
March 15,2008, Holiday Baking Company opened it's doors to add to the community. We have seen customers become regular customers and regular customers become our friends. We have seen children grow up and we have had to say good-bye to our elders.  The experiences of the last almost eight years has been a blessing  Being able to help others have a better life, through their diet, has been our pupose.

Even so, life changes through circumstances and priorities.  That being said, the decision to close our doors in Worthington, at the end of the Christmas season, has been made with heavy hearts.

There is a great possibilty that production will resume Spring of 2016, from our new kitchen at Holiday Farms in southeast Ohio.  A limited menu will either be delivered and/or marketed at a neighborhood farmers market.  Please send us your name, email address and contact phone number if you are interested.

Our menu will be downsized for the rest of the year as the following schedule states.

Thank you so much for your business and all of your support!
Lisa, Tami and Liz

Gift Certificates are no longer available to purchase. All past purchased certificates must be redeemed before we close our doors on Weds.,Dec.23rd. There is no cash value.

Saturday, October 31st is the last day to pick up items from our Pizza Crust/Pizza menu. We will no longer produce any items from our Pizza Crust/Pizza menu after this date.

Wednesday, November 25th is the last day to pick up items from our Pasta menu. We will no longer produce any items from our Pasta menu after this date.

FEBRUARY 20th Drop-off Menu
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Drop-off will be in the Worthington area on Saturday, February 20th
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